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We are having experts in the organization who can recover your data from the cameras. They are having 15 years of experience, which help them to retrieve the data securely.
Camera Media Recovery

Software Fault £149

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault£199

2-3 Days

Critical Service £495

1 Day

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Camera read and memory card storage issues

Memory cards are designed to store the information. But, often users confront the issues of readable those files, and they couldn’t even access it. The issues are occurring due to various reasons, which couldn’t be understood by the layman. The problems are mainly linked with the chip that normally gets affected due to unforeseen errors. So, don’t get tensed if you are losing any personal files as we assure you to recover those data before situations get more critical.

Memory card fails due to the damage to circuitry

The memory card chip contains several intricate circuitries, which enables the access of reading and writing the files and to save the data as well. But, most of the times, these chips are prone to danger and corrupts your files. Damages later lead to inaccessible and unreadable files, which can be resolved by our experts as they are having good experience and minute technology to examine the faults.

Memory failure due to electronic issues

Electronic elements that are present inside the memory card are more susceptible to corruption and damages. So, we have to deal with these issues for years, and we ensure your safety by solving the problems of power surges.

Slow write or read of the memory card form the laptop and PC

Memory cards are known for their speeds, which often gets slower due to unknown reasons. If you keep on checking the possibilities, then many things will come up. Thus, we are here to indicate the reason for your slow memory card, which restricts your access from reading and writing.

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