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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Raid Recovery

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Array and raid server issues are often encountered

Raid server allows multiple users to take the opportunity of accessing multiple drives at the same time, which aims to increase the speed in the large or small offices. This leads to increase the problems such as data didn’t get saved in a normal way, and RAID server fails to get the mirror data. Don’t get shocked as we are expert in dealing such issues since long. We can help you in rebuilding the RAID device after analyzing the issues.

Hot swapping failure of the RAID hard drive

Hot swapping is one the simple concept and effective one as well. Mostly issues didn’t come up while the RAID server is powered on and the user is connected, and you can remove the faulty drives and replace it. But, there will be some slight loss of the data, or sometimes complete may be. By using the extensive knowledge and sophisticated recovery process, we can resolve these issues and help you to get back the data.

Failure in the RAID server rebuilds process

The rebuilding of the RAID server is often used by the IT employees when situations go out of control. They forcefully turn off the system, ask the employees to log off and regains patience to wait until the end to identify the reasons for the malfunctioning of drives. Errors are more and control capacity is far out of the vision. So, we are there to help you in rebuilding the RAID server and guarantee you quick service.

Upgradation of RAID firmware becomes unsuccessful

Failure in the upgradation of the firmware could lead to breaking the connection between drives, controller cards and RAID boards. This leads to increase potential risks such as losing of data. We can do something better to take you out from such problems.

RAID control card and partition problems

Issues occurred in the controller card when the user faces difficulties in saving the file to the array through the controlling computers. The controller may be faulty, which can be resolved by your experts.

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