Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware Data Recovery

Are your devices being infected with ransomware?

Our experts are helping you to recover the data from the infected files and didn’t give any chance to the complaint as we are holding a good reputation since long.
Ransomware Data Recovery

Single Disk system £995

4-6 Days

Multi Disk SystemFrom £1495

5-7 Days

Critical Service From £1795

2-3 Days

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How can you get helped from us?

We can recover your critical data, which are already infected or on the verge of it. Our software is highly relevant and contains 90% decryption keys for data encryption with the ransomware.

Various types of ransomware we can easily recover from

KeRanger, Cerber, Crypto Host, CryptoWall 3.0, DMA Locker, CryptoLocker, CTB Locker, Maktub, TorrentLocker, CryptoWall 4.0, LeChiffre, CryptXXX, TeslaCrypt nad Coverton.

How to get sure that device has ransomware?

  • Files may get renamed automatically.
  • Files won’t open.
  • Applications also won’t open.
  • Computer system gets locked down.
  • Antivirus software gets disabled.
  • The screen of the computer’s advice that your data has been encrypted and need to pay a ransom.

What are things to avoid when system infected with ransomware?

If your system becomes infected with CryptoWall, Locky and CryptXXX, then, we advise you to perform an immediate operation like shutdown. Don’t remove it manually and neither uses any software.

What else we can do

We can easily decrypt crypto files due to the use of right types of equipment. Our team is highly expert in resolving such issues and can retrieve the lost data. Solving the problems of ransomware is not so difficult for the experts we are having in our organization.

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