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Critical Service £795

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Issues arising in your laptop hard drives

People similarly use the laptops as that of desktops, which of course reduces your burdens and add benefits to your bucket. But, often problems arise such as laptops are bumped up, knocked or involve certain types of collision. So, the laptops hard drives are more prone to damages. It leads to software failure and corrupts your device as well. Don’t be panic as we are helping you with such issues.

Failure of the laptop’s hard drive at certain mechanical level

Mechanical components of the hard drive are having more chances of failure like Mac or PC. The spindles, actuator arms, head bearing, and platters are still facing the issues and need a quick solution. We are offering you reliable services, which will help you in retrieving the data and keeps your device in a safe condition.

Failure of the laptops due to outage or power surge

A power surge can be dangerous sometime as it has the chances of spoiling your device and leads to other bad consequences shortly. The power surge mostly occurs in a highly populated area as the normal amount of electricity through the office or household leaves a split, which is having severe consequences and renders hard drive of a laptop without even protecting it. So, we are helping you out from such situation and assure you that data will be retrieved from the drive.

CMOS battery failure and laptops hard drive

A CMOS battery is one of the important parts of the system as it allows for continuous timekeeping of your PC or laptop when the device is in switch off mode. The battery also helps the BIOS, which is built in the motherboard, records the information regarding the machine boots up and other bootable information. Suffering from slight changes damages the entire device and corrupts the data as well.

Your operating system didn’t recognize even after an update or reinstall?

Often operating system fails to recognize due to unknown issues hidden in the internal sections. A hard drive takes a long time to spin up, slower transfer of data and bad recovery of information are some of the frequent issues observed in this case. So, our primary concern is to resolve this at minimal cost.

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